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The Theif of Joy

You all want to know what is poison for the mind and the thief of joy and feeling gratitude?

Comparison. Yupp I said it. I hear comparisons quite often and I have to tell you a little secret....the sooner you let go of comparing your life to others or to what you think you “need” in order to be happy, the sooner you will realize that comparing your life is only wasting precious energy and time.

I have a book that was written by the best of planners and the title of the book is named Natasha and it is all about my life. Wouldn’t it be silly of me to compare a chapter from my life book to that of my friends book? Especially knowing that we two have completely different books? Maybe we draw a parallel from our books and we are put in a somewhat “similar” life experience but its still not the same. Would my outcome, my emotional experience

I don’t know how many times I have to remind others around me to stop comparing so that that toxic mentality doesn’t rub off on me. I know people who live their life solely by comparing theirs to others. Because its so easy to slip into it. It is so easy to focus on what you don’t have. The hard part is focusing on what you DO have, and being content with it.

Now there is a healthy way to utilize comparison. It can motivate you to do better, it can give you focus, drive and help you achieve your goals. But this is not the kind of comparison I am focusing on today. If you use comparison in a healthy way, kuddos to you and continue building yourself up.

Its so easy to compare your life plan to your friends, family, coworkers, colleagues, and to think of that poisonous question again and again.... well what about me? Why isn’t it happening for me? Why can’t I have what he/she has? Why do they get everything they ask for and I don’t? Why do they have such a “perfect” life?

Do you notice something.... comparison is best friends with the word WHY — constantly questioning the process

Do you notice that Gratitude is best friends with WHY NOT — being content with what life throws out at you, even if it didn’t go as planned.

So what does comparison especially do? It fills our minds with Questions filled with DOUBT, hopelessness, FEAR, sadness, jealously or anger.

Try this mental exercise today and everyday that follows:

STOP 🛑 comparing

🏽Your family

🏽Your friends

🏽Your jobs

🏽Your educational opportunities

🏽Your significant other/Spouse

🏽Your in-laws

🏽Your home

🏽Your living arrangements

🏽Your lifestyle

🏽Your facial features

🏽Your weight

🏽Your physical attributes

🏽Your intelligence

🏽Your material belongings

🏽Your wealth

Instead appreciate and be grateful for things you DO have:

✅ A Home

✅ Family

✅ Food

✅ Eyesight

✅ Hearing

✅ Health

✅ Ability to move, walk, run

✅ Friends

✅ Having Access to Education

✅ Career Opportunities

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