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Welcome to The Attitude for Gratitude,LLC

Natasha Haroon

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)

Credentialed in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida

Now Accepting Insurance
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Embark on a Journey Towards Self Growth

Utilize Techniques to Shift Your Mindset

Start Each Day With a New Attitude and a Heart Full of Gratitude

Yoga at Home

Get To Know Natasha Haroon


Educational Background:

My name is Natasha Haroon, I earned my Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I previously worked at Susan B. Anthony Recovery center a  Substance Abuse facility during my internship year and later went on to work at Memorial Hospital's Community Youth Services as an in-home family community youth counselor located in Hollywood, Florida. I had worked with a diverse population including families, couples, children, and adolescents. I also have experience working at two schools as a school counselor and a behavioral interventionist. In addition, my experience entails working with clients who have exhibited symptoms and have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance abuse disorders, exhibited suicidal ideations, as well as many other mental illnesses that are diagnosed from the DSM-5. Using a variety of therapeutic interventions, I have been able to effectively work with my clients on anger management skills, learning healthy coping skills, reducing their anxiety, improving their stress management skills, mindfulness-based practices including meditation, effective communication skills, boundary setting and much more. 


I am a faith-based counselor who focuses on using the theoretical approach of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). This theoretical orientation focuses on the client's cognitions (thoughts) and its impact on their behavior (actions). I practice this orientation because I have experienced significant improvement in my client's overall well-being once they have identified and learned how to overcome their negative self-talk, destructive thoughts, and beliefs which are identified as their cognitive distortions. By challenging your thought process, implementing growth work, self-esteem exercises, goal-setting, mindfulness techniques, and meditation, clients will be able to successfully achieve the ATTITUDE FOR GRATITUDE.


Through various gratitude exercises, clients will eventually be able to filter out negativity and focus on the silver lining towards the unpredictability of life situations.  Alongside this approach, I have been able to successfully integrate a faith-based counseling approach into my counseling methodology. This faith-based approach gifts the client with a holistic and balanced approach to spirituality. 

By implementing the Attitude For Gratitude with all my clients, they begin the process of changing their mindset and thought process to a brighter and better future. The road towards therapy is never easy; it takes self-reflection, hard work, and determination, but like every good thing, it takes time. Come and join me on this journey towards building a healthier and stronger mind, body, and ATTITUDE FOR GRATITUDE. 



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